Goddess Akashic Healing

An Intuitive + Devotional session to connect with your feminine power, ancestors and desire.
★ Release the doubt that's stopping you.
★ Revive your fire, potential and awaken.
★ Refine and romance yourself back into your essence.
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Steph has made a BIG impact on my life.

Before Steph, I was very confused about what I wanted to focus on. I was playing with multiple ideas and was afraid to try any of them. Steph has been my cheerleader from day one and after every coaching session I’ve become more and more clear on what my passion is. She knew when to push me to make a decision and when to allow me to have my space to process my thoughts and my plans. I also got my first few clients after working with her! 
Ramona Alexandra - Financial Coach


★ Shifting the millions of ideas spinning in your head and finally pick the most aligned one for you and business. Hello, clear action. 
★ Connecting with your team, spiritual guides, ancestors and whoever wants to come through. Hear what they have to share. 
★ Feeling a surge of NEW energy, inspiration and guidance along your path. Become a creation muse. 
★ Softening into your feminine trust and knowing it's all going to be okay. In your body, womb and heart. Deep exhales. 

Mindset Work + Strategy = THE BEST COMBO

If a friend was considering working with Steph, I would say DO IT. She combines the mindset work and energy healing that is necessary in building a lasting business. Just strategy alone often fails people because we get in our own way. Steph is a healer and an intuitive business coach – the best combo.
Alaina Feister - Instagram Strategist


How long is the session?

Our session together is 60-minutes via Zoom or phone if you prefer. You'll be sent out a zoom link 24 hour prior to our session. I do love to follow up with you afterwards, so we will probably chat for 15 minutes about 24 hours later. 

Do I need to fill anything out before?

You do not need to fill out anything but please come with 1-3 intentions and focuses from our call. I'll guide you but ultimately you know what you want, desire and need. 


What if I need to reschedule/cancel?

Please cancel 24 hours prior so that can both adjust our schedules. If I'm ever sick I'll let you know ASAP.

Can I ask you follow up questions?

You can certainly update me but this is a 60-minute coaching call. I'll be there 100% for you during that time. If you'd like to book another call you are more than welcome too. I honor my boundaries and you should too. I will follow up with you 24 hours for a quick update. 

Are the calls recorded?

If you'd like them to be recorded, please let me know at the beginning of the call. 

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The Goddess Akashic Realm awaits you...

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