Biz Goddess

Awaken Your Dark Goddess and Unlock Your Desires. 
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Join Steph on Mastering the 3-Part Sacred Process To Accelerating Your Business + Life + Expression.

What's included this training series? 

* Release + Dissolve: Remove the old paradigms around business and begin to TRUST yourself more. Release all the strategist you’ve been taught and begin to follow your own guidance. 
* Renewal + Awaken: Wake up refreshed and rested. No more overworking, overachieving, and overdoing. DO in a new way of BEING. 
 * Restore + Crystalize: Play, feel, create & receive. Be seen and held with a fierce love for yourself and your work. Become all of YOU and be paid WELL for it. 

Steph balances both worlds in a smart and practical way.

I had been fiddling around with creating some courses but just wasn't pulling the trigger to get it done, giving myself one excuse after another. So with her help from Steph I launched it and it did very well.
Hitting my financial goals is a big deal, and it was as much physical as it was spiritual, and Stephanie balances both worlds in  smart and practical way.
Rebecca Holman - Content Creator

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