Become a Feminine Content Creator + Grow Your Online Community by Stephanie Lane

Become a Feminine Content Creator + Grow Your Online Community

A course to connect to the content portal, create real art and share with your community.  
Starting: Friday, November 20th. Save your spot now. Click below to get access. 

Our Agenda

Day 1: Portal - Clear your intuition so your real message can come through into this realm. 
Day 2: Create - Write, share, make beautiful pieces of art that fulfill you and move your business message forward. 
Day 3: Connect - Share and post content that hits your community in the right way so they are inspired, motivated and wanting more. 


When does this start and what is the schedule?

Live #1: Friday, Nov 20th at 12:30pm Pacific. We will go for an hour. 
Live #2 Monday, Nov 23rd at 10:30am Pacific 
Live #3 Tuesday, Nov 24th at 10:30am Pacific
It's important to register so you'll get the replays.

What is required of me to be a VIP tester?

Show up to all the lives or watch the replays within 24 hours. Complete a quick survey for feedback. Then give me a testimonials in the form of written.

Do I get 1:1 coaching with Steph?

Yes, if you show up LIVE I'll give time for Q&A, coaching and live support. Mark your calendars!

Meet Your Guide: Stephanie Lane

Stephanie is a Feminine Business Coach for the new wave of online leaders.

Steph has been featured in Shape Magazine and is known for her holistic approach to social marketing, business building and feminine magnetism.