Love Your Live Stream

For the laptop business owner who is ready to attract new customers with live video. ❤️

Enlighten, Entertain and Educate your audience with live stream videos!

Going Live Is The Fastest Way To Build Your Community...

* You create an instant connection with your next live stream.
 * Build a fan base quickly by just being you.
* Ditch the tech frustrations that have stopped you from going LIVE.
* Be seen as an authority in your industry. 
* Push play inside your business and marketing all while having fun.
* You are so done being the best-kept secret in your field.
* Master amazing live stream videos that have a chance to go #viral. 
* Have the habit of going live and sharing yourself with the world! 

This mini-course is the perfect combination of 'on-camera' delivery skills, marketing strategy and technical how-to's.

Captivate new customers with live videos that get them to love you and buy your stuff.

Who is LOVE YOUR LIVE STREAM perfect for?

➡️ 'The struggle with technology setup is real' became your mantra.
➡️ You're a professional but just unsure how to present your content LIVE online.
➡️ You get a bit anxious on video and tend to ramble while losing track of what you are saying.
➡️ You want to appear confident in your presentation, voice, tone and message so that people listen. 
➡️ You want a clear strategy and system that supports you to quickly create content.
➡️ You are ready to press the live button faster and build an engaged audience. 
➡️ You want to improve your pitch so that more customers are willing to buy from you. 
➡️ You want to utilize your LIVE videos as a way to connect and entertain.
➡️ You want to do this all effortlessly without tech overwhelm and complexity. 

This course is packed with so much value!

This course helped me:
✅ Look more professional on live video.
✅ Create branded slideshow presentations.
✅ Enhance my audio & video skills.
✅ Boost my on-camera confidence.
"I Highly recommend this course!"
★★★★★ - RaYvn Star

What You Get:

🔹5 Masterclass Trainings on going LIVE and attracting new customers.

1) Smart Streaming Strategies (Value $49)
2) Be Confident On Camera (Value $49)
3) How To Entertain & Educate (Value $49)
4) Simple Tech to Stream Easy (Value $99)
5) Command Sales Live (Value $49)
Total Value: $299

Masterclass Trainings

Training #1

Learn the 5 strategies to be professional and connected to your audience so they buy.  

Training #2

From breathing to presenting be calm, relaxed with how you look on camera. 

Training #3

Don't be a bore-fest. Get your audience wanting more and staying engaged with your videos. 

Training #4

Create a system with your tech that's easy to set up and makes you look good in the process. From mic, audio, layouts, background and slides, we've got you covered.

Training #5

Invite, connect and sell! Create a fun environment and energy around selling to your audience live. They want to buy from you so show them HOW. 

What's included?

Video Icon 18 videos File Icon 2 files Text Icon 1 text file


Start Here: Welcome to Love Your Livestream
Welcome To Love Your Livestream!
1.64 MB
Welcome Video - Love Your Live Stream
2 mins
1: Smart Streaming Strategies
Smart Streaming Strategies
57 mins
2: Be Confident On Camera
From Anxious To Confident On-Camera Mini Training
39 mins
Confident Pep Talk Journal Prompts
Confident Going Live
18 mins
3: Entertain And Educate
Entertain Your Community To Create More Connection & Cash Flow
59 mins
76.3 KB
4: Tech To Stream Easy
Core Training: Simple Tech To Stream Easy
50 mins
Streamyard Overlay Tips
27 mins
How To Show A Slideshow With ONE Screen.
10 mins
Video Equipment List
7 mins
Brand Identity Kit
16 mins
Color Palettes
17 mins
Slideshow Templates
41 mins
5: Command Sales Live
Selling Via Livestream Formula
11 mins
Command Sales LIVE
9 mins
Bonus Love
My journey + the evolution of production video to live video
38 mins
Unplug From Tech (Grounding Meditation)
6 mins
Money Loves Me (Meditation)
11 mins
Replay Q&A
(1h 00m 05s)

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I purchased the "Love Your Live Stream" course and now have the confidence to create live streams to promote my services. Without Stephanie's help, I would be still sitting on the fence and missing the boat.

Steve Munford - Marketing Consultant