Magnetic Feminine Money

💎 Sacred Abundance Teaching For The Modern Woman 💎
A 30 Day Journey To Receive More Pleasure and Money The Feminine Way.

Sacred Feminine Teachings For Feminine Leaders!

Dear Feminine Leader, 

You are fierce, rare and one of kind 💎 gem. You’ve always known that you are unique and some would even call you ‘weird’, out there, or even TOO MUCH. But that’s a GOOD THING. This is your gift to the world.

You remembered your essence and you inner calling. This is the time to take action.

You write your dreams down daily, meditate deeply, move your body and connect with your spirit.
But the way the world works has never felt 'right' for you. 

The constant pushing, working harder and striving for something you don’t even know you want. Your souls can't take this lifestyle anymore. You must break free. You must arrive at your power portal.

You trust there is a higher calling seeking you. To play bigger, be bolder, show up more and guide others. 

You WANT MORE because deep down inside you know you are a magnetic for MORE.

The Magnetic Power inside of you is ready to SHINE and RISE UP and make more money $$!

You’ve only been taught to live the masculine way.

💎 Do you have a hard time taking FULL ownership of your power and desires? Some days you are in and others meh? 
💎 Have you done all the mantras, meditations, visualizations and using the LAW OF ATTRACTION to find nothing is working? 
💎 Are you disappointed with the time and energy it's taking to make your dreams possible? 
💎 Do you want to be in your flowy magnetic power all the time and over the rollercoaster of hot and cold? Feast and famine? Energized and exhaustions? 
💎 Is it time to access your magnetic power through your feminine and feel the juicy AF vibes? She is truly unstoppable. 
💎  Could you imagine your business expanding, doubling and customers connecting with your message? 
💎  Is it time to create masterpiece offers that feel SO FRICKIN ALIGNED? 

Babe, you’re meant for so much more. You deserve to live a luxury lifestyle.

A magic within you needs to be TURNED ON to attract your feminine flow. There is an infinite amount regardless of what the world is telling you because you are a cosmic babe. 

You just forgotten it along the way and that’s not your fault. 

With this transformational experience, you’ll remember how to unlock your feminine abundance.

A quick story about me…

My little girl self could manifest anything I wanted.

I grew up in a poor middle-class immigrant family with the feeling of scarcity and lack looming over our home daily.
I always wanted anything pink to brighten up my world.   
I was curious about money, energy, luxury living and making wishes for my dreams to come true. 

From a young age, I decided to manifest all my desire. 
I won every contest I entered, from toys to free pagers (Yes, I dated myself) to experiences and even family portraits. I used my fun, playful and fierce youthful energy.

Now in my 30’s, I understand the power of manifestation, magic and momentum. And most of all I understand the power of feminine energy. My power attracts all my desires. 

It’s time you unlock your feminine frequency.

✦ It’s time you break all the rules around money. 
✦ It’s time you live at a different pace than the rest. 
✦ It’s time you unlock the most powerful parts of you. 
✦ It’s time you move from pushing to playful energy.
✦ It’s time for you to become the magnetic wealthy AF woman.

Your Secret Power!


Why not tap into your feminine power once and for all? 
Why not call in the abundance by using your greatest gift?

Are you feeling me?

Yes. Yes. And More Yes Goddess. 

Magnetic Feminine Money Is Ready for YOU!

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Clarity On Your Money Story

Understand why you have certain beliefs & how you can craft your own winning story. It’s your game, so play it your way. 

Cleanse Your Cash

Remove the dirt from your thinking, beliefs and clutter. Cleanse your cash flow with practical and spiritual techniques to get it flowing.

Cultivate Abundance

Creating abundance is like planting a seed. It takes time to nurture and enjoy its fruit. Uncover the real process it takes to plant, water and harvest it without losing your patience. This is for the “What is the plan?” type of women.

Call In The Abundance

Feel into your desires and call them in. Claim what you want and don’t tolerate anything else. Ask your guides for assistance and connect with them for support. Focus on the what & why. Drop the HOW.

Calm, Cool, Cash

Embrace your cool calm energy when it comes to receiving.  Learn to trust the process and stay grounded in your vision for your life. Introduce yourself to Lakshmi the Goddess of abundance and have her follow you around.

Collect With Gratitude

Notice all the blessings around you and collect them. Express gratitude for everything that has and will come into your life. Gratitude is one of the biggest energies out there so use it to your advantage.

Magnetic Feminine Power

Witness magic in your life and allow space for it to come in. Simple and joyful money manifestation techniques. The most important is embodying feminine abundance and using that power for the rest of your life.


Get instant access to 7 next level activations to raise your vibration. These are very popular and super valuable for your money growth. 

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"Working with Steph was absolutely incredible, she is kind, compassionate, dedicated, driven and fierce. I encourage everyone who is ready to take the leap to work with Steph! She will take you to the next level as long as you are ready to become free of your limiting beliefs that hold you back. It's a team effort. She is the perfect guide. Work with her, you will not regret it! Ready to leap?"
Diana Bamford - Reiki Master
Steph helped me gain clarity on the next direction for my business, refine my communication strategy, and successfully launch my beta course! Stephanie also inspired me to just DECIDE to make my course happen. With her coaching, I was finally able to get out of my head, push through my fears and into action! I successfully launched and completed by beta course this spring. I feel way more confident in myself and about my business and can't wait to do more!
Celeste H - Wellness Strategist

Who am I?

Hi. You can call me Steph.
I’m on a mission to guide women back into their feminine nature.

I’ve witnessed the damage of denying your feminine energy.

It’s probably done a number on your self-esteem, confidence, leadership and wishes. It's NOT YOUR FAULT. This game is set up for us to lose.
✦ Powerful women are seen as bitchy or bad girls.
✦ You can’t be too sensual or you’re seen as slutty.
✦ You can’t ask for that raise or you’re seen as pushy.
✦ You can’t love yourself too much or you have a BIG ego.
These are all wrong and old paradigms.

✦ You’re born whole, beautiful and radiant.
✦ Your sexual energy is powerful and pleasurable.
✦ Your boldness is magnetic and fun to be around.
✦ You can be a magnetic for magic and money.
✦ You can be more playful with life.
✦ You can manifest ease.
✦ You can take the actions that best fit your strength.

The time is NOW to feel the power of your inner goddess.
If you’re reading this, I can tell I love you already.
Take my hand and let’s do this babe.

Why now?

Magnetic Feminine Money is unlike anything else out there.
It’s self-worth work on matcha tea. If you’re tired of working in your masculine energy only to be exhausted, resentful and annoyed, then this is the better way for you.

What's Included?

Instant Access To 7+ Masterclass Trainings!

Discover what's been holding you back from making money and watched these highly educational, total vibe changers and incredibly masterclass trainings. Unlimited replays you can watch over and over. 
(Value: $2,000)

Are You Ready To Create More Feminine Abundance In Your Business And Life?

The doors are open for a limited time only!
Our next journey starts soon...

The time is NOW to embrace your power and profit! 
Yes, I am ready!

Praises For Steph...

"With Stephanie's help, I have complete clarity on my mission in life, my business plan and my bigger vision. Her guidance has helped me during my highs AND my lows. She has made me realize that I have such a huge role in this lifetime and has unveiled within me this new level of confidence, learned new business skill sets, and brushed off this diamond in the rough! I’m more excited now than ever with the next phase of my business."
Misti Stromatt – Yoga Teacher
"Working with Stephanie has increased my confidence and my knowledge of the world. My psychotherapy business has grown 2x, and I have gained new clients in a short period of time. Bringing in additional revenue of $5k.  I am no longer fearful of letting myself be seen and I feel much more confident presenting myself as a teacher, an expert and a healer."
Jessica Alejandro – Therapist


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YES! I love payment plans. See the payment options buttons. 

Q: What is your refund policy?

7 day money back guarantee. But after that no refund. You will see a difference if you do the work. Read all my happy customer reviews here. 

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